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Art and Designs by Provie Duggan

About Me

Provie (Pronounced Prah-vee) | She/Her | Early 30s | Midwest, USA

My name is Provie, I work an office job, but creativity has always been a passion of mine, so in my spare time I love to draw, write, and craft. Early on I was inspired to start creating through things such as Neopets, Sonic the Hedgehog, books such as the Redwall Series, and numerous cartoons! I have been drawing digitally for over 10 years as a hobbyist, and I consider my art style cute and cartoony!

Outside of art, my interests include video games, Dungeons and Dragons (I DM as well as play!), playing pet sites (currently most active on Neopets and Dappervolk), listening to Podcasts (I love MBMBAM, The Adventure Zone, Welcome to Nighvale, and much, much more!), cooking, and just hanging out with my dog and my finance.

In the last few years, I have gotten more into Closed Species ARPGs, I am a member of a few species, staff in one, and have even created my own. It's nice to have a creative outlet an art community, and I highly reccomend joing some if you're looking for inspiration!

My ARPG Reccomendations are: Mothcats, Puppillars, The World of Lingua, Fanteles, and Beelzebubbies!

Terms of Service

Last Updated: 9/27/2020

Welcome to my ToS, please read this section thuroughly before requesting a commission!

Please note: This ToS is subject to change! If you are a returning customer make sure to check for any changes since you first commissioned me. Individual batches and/or commission slots may have additional or different rules. Please make sure to read the entire post where you find me posting my commissions.

Will/Won't Draw

  • I will not draw NSFW artwork of any kind, this includes anything "fetish" even if nothing traditonally sexual is showing (ex: detailed feet/paws, inflation etc)

  • I will not draw any type of character that I do not think I will be able to pull off in my art style (ex: complicated mecha characters)

  • I will not draw anything that I consider hateful

  • I will draw feral chararcters, humanoid characters, furry/anthropomorphic characters, and even "monsterous" characters.

  • I will draw cute stuff, spooky stuff, romantic stuff, and silly stuff

  • If you are interested in something that isn't specified here yet, feel free to ask!


  • All payment must be in USD Via Paypal unless otherwise specified or previously discussed.

  • Commissioners under the age of 18 are permitted, but MUST be using their own funds or funds they have permission to use. I am not responsible for any consequences that stem from using funds you do not have permission to use

  • In the case of any chargebacks, commissioners will be expected to repay me the full cost of the commission and any resulting fees either in the form of another Paypal invoice or through other means such as art.

  • Payment will be requested via Invoice as soon as the art is completed and sent to the commissioner for approval, unless specified in the commission post or previously discussed.

  • The commissioner will be receiving Digital Goods that will be delivered digitally (unless shipping a physical copy is discussed prior)

  • In the case of any physical goods being commissioned (crafts, traditional art etc), the final product will only be shipped to people over the age of 18

Expected Turnaround

  • Turnaround can vary but I will generally try to stick to under two weeks for simple commissions or under a month for more complicated commissions.

  • For "Advent" or timed art, art will be delivered on the specified date.

  • Polite inquiries about expected turnaround are always welcome, and will be responded to as soon as possible

Do's and Dont's

  • The commissioner has the right to upload their commission to their own galleries, as long as credit is given back to me

  • The commissioner has the right to alter the art for use on graphics or as an icon, but does not have the right to alter the lineart, recolor, or trace their commission (ex: Cropping the commission for an icon, okay. Recoloring the commission in a program to look like a different character, not okay.) Even if the image is edited/cropped, please credit me!

  • The commissioner has the right to print the commission for their own personal use, but does not have the right to use the commission for commercial use. (ex: Printing the commission out 100 times to wallpaper your walls, okay. Printing the commission out 100 times and selling each print for money, not okay.)

  • I have the right to post the commission to my own personal galleries and use it for self promotion. The commissioner may request that their art remain private, and we can negotiate from there.

  • I have the right to decline a commission for any reason

Edits and Previews

  • All preview checks must be requested at the time of the commission. Otherwise you will receive previews at my discretion, or receive no checks and receive the final art.

  • I sometimes share WIPs with friends and in other small social circles, if you do not want me to share WIPs of your commission with my personal friends, please let me know at the time of commission and I will honor that.

  • All requested preview checks will be free, but any time consuming or complicated edits resulting in these checks may require an extra charge.

  • After the final art is received for approval, small edits can be discussed. If changes are excessive or time consuming, it may require an extra charge.

  • Any and all changes at any stage related to an error on my part will be free of charge.

Adoptable and Design Sales

  • All parts of my ToS apply to any custom, semi-custom, or premade designs I produce.

  • By purchasing/trading for a design, the buyer gets ownership of the character, but I retain the rights to my original artwork. All designs created by me must credit me.

  • The buyer may make small tweaks or edits of the design, included but not limited to small edits, changing the species, or using the design to make a MYO for a closed species, but in all cases, credit must be given to me for the original design. “Original design by twogoblins, edits by me” is perfectly acceptable.

  • The buyer is free to trade, gift, or re-sell the design, but please do not sell for more than you purchased the design for unless there is a good reason, such as art commissioned for the design

  • I will potentially buy back my designs that are no longer wanted, just inquire.

Refund Policy

  • Since payment is not required until after the art is done, any refunds will be negotiated on a case by case basis. If you are unsatisfied with the art I have made for you, I will do my best to make changes.


  • When ordering, please provide clear references (Toyhouse profiles work great!)

  • Please include anything that I might need to know at the time of order, including any time restraints, desired expression/pose, what accessories are required, etc

  • If you would prefer to have previews at certain stages, please specify when ordering

How to Order

  • To inquire about a commission, I can be contacted via any of the links on my homepage (e-mail, deviantart, etc)

  • If you are a mutual with me on any other social media (Facebook, Discord, etc) you are welcome to reach out there instead as well

Examples and Pricing

All Prices are in USD

Click images for fullsize!

Fullbody - $15 (+ $7 for extra character)

Portraits - $20

Portraits include a frame with a background and up to three accessories. Additional accessories subject to charge.

Beans - $6 each ($20 for 4)

Please note: designs may be simplified in order to fit the bean style. Accessories will be left out unless specified.

Designs - Starting at $15

Design prices vary, please contact me for a quote if interested! If you are interested in a custom Puppillar, all the information can be found here


Puppillars ARPG - Owner and Creator

Puppillars is a Closed Species Art Roleplaying game where members buy or create a design and then interact with the world of Puppillars, earning currency and items by creating arts, participating in events, and more! As owner and creator, I create adoptables, lore, features and events for the group!

icon art by negans

Mothcats ARPG - Event Coordinator

Mothcats is a closed species Art Roleplaying game, with a deep lore and many fun activities for members. As event coordinator, I help create and manage events for the group, as well as help handle general admin tasks.

icon art by SarcastiCakes